What were Best Off-Season Moves?

May 17, 2007

Peter Schrager over at FoxSports.com has posted an article ranking each NFL team’s off-season in relationship to whether or not they improved their 2006 roster.

Interestingly, the Broncos are near the top of the league when it comes to helping themselves in the off-season. According to Schrager, Denver ranked 4th overall siting the addition of Travis Henry, Dre Bly and Daniel Graham as the best moves this spring.

“A 1,500-yard running back in Travis Henry comes to Mile High, serving as the first big-name back to grace Denver ‘s backfield since the Clinton Portis trade. Veterans Dre’ Bly, Daniel Graham, and Patrick Ramsey join the squad as well. On draft weekend, the Broncos addressed their defensive line needs, scooping up Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder, and the draft’s biggest question mark — Florida DT Marcus Thomas. Jay Cutler’s ready to go, and the re-vamped defensive line is too. “

–Peter Schrager 5/16/07

Biggest gain: Travis Henry, RB
Biggest loss: Al Wilson, LB*

* While I agree that Al Wilson’s leadership will be greatly missed, I would have him add Darrent Williams to the ‘Biggest Loss’ line. Emotionally, I believe, that loss may prove to be far longer lasting than the loss of Big Al.


Line Break

So, who scored the best off-season?

That would be the Pats, of course…

“No team cleaned up this off-season quite like New England. Aside from the Randy Moss deal, the Pats also picked up arguably the number one defensive player on the free agent market in Adalius Thomas, a guy who led the Dolphins in punt returns, receptions, and receiving yards in ’06 in Wes Welker, and Sammy Morris, Kyle Brady, and Tory James. “

–Peter Schrager 5/16/07

Line Break

And how did our AFC West competition do?

SAN DIEGO — 24th


OAKLAND — 3rd best off-season

On Oakland’s off-season:

“It’s not hard to improve from a 2-14 season that featured one of the worst offenses in NFL history.”

–Peter Schrager 5/16/07



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