A word about Brandon Marshall

May 18, 2007

Brandon Marshall, like many of our younger broncos, is expected to step up – not only into a starting position but also a leadership role. While Marshall ran with the first team this week during “Quarterback Camp,” 2007 has hit Marshall with not only losses of fellow teammates Darrent Williams and Damien Nash but also a run in with the law.

Marshall was the only member of the Broncos to be present at both the night club last visited by Darrent Williams on News Year’s Eve and the charity basketball event that Damien Nash organized and participated in prior to his death. For many, it seemed like Marshall’s off-season couldn’t get any worse — but then it did. On March 26th, Brandon was arrested on a false-imprisonment charge following a verbal altercation with his girlfriend. With the league clamping down on bad behavior, it seemed a very untimely situation.

Now, however, Marshall must put all of that behind him so that he can concentrate on scoring the #2 wide receiver spot across from Javon Walker. Marshall doesn’t plan to forget either his fallen teammates or his brush with the law. Rather he must learn from them and move on.

“I’ve definitely grown up. It’s sad to say, but sometimes you have to bump your head or go through some things to actually learn. So I’m glad that it happened now rather than down the road in my career. And I can guarantee that I’ll be on top of everything from here on out.”

–Brandon Marshall 5/17/07

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