The Rob Smith Report

May 18, 2007

Rod SmithAll eyes and cameras and microphones are trained on Rod Smith these days.  Since the beginning of Denver’s first 2007 OTA days, everyone wants to know something that Rod Smith doesn’t even know – Can he return to his 2005 level of performance?

And at this point not even the doctors can tell you what condition Smith will be in when the season rolls around — and these are very good doctors (Smith’s surgeon was the same doctor that repaired Priest Holmes knee). 

Although Greek (Steve Antonopulos), Denver’s head athletic trainer, also doesn’t know exactly when Smith will be ready for field work, he has every confidence that he will be ready when the season starts.

“Obviously, you want him ready for the season. But based on the time restraints from the injury, (training camp’s) about the right time, somewhere in there. If it takes a few weeks less, great. If it takes a few weeks more, whatever it takes. You know he’s going to give you everything he’s got when he’s ready to go.”

— Steve Antonopulos 5/18/07

Right now, Smith is off crutches and working every day on stationary bikes and ellipticals.  While none of us know when he will return, Rod assured a host of reporters yesterday that his age (he turned 37 Tuesday) has nothing to with situation or his decision to play in 2007.

“I don’t want to talk about age – my age has nothing to do with it. If they didn’t think I could go out there and perform, they wouldn’t have me in the building. It’s that simple.”

— Rod Smith 5/17/07

As a fan, I’m pulling for his return.  I think that a pain-free Rod Smith still has a couple of meaningful years with our club and his reliability and leadership can’t be calculated with simple game stats.  Above all else Rod is a symbol of what a REAL team player is.  He has always put the team ahead of himself and for that reason he will always be one of my all-time favorite Broncos.

Thanks, Rod — and get well soon!

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