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May 29, 2007

David Kircus WILL be with the team regardless of the outcome of his trial…

Mike Shanahan said today that David offered to take a lie detector test to prove that he did not take the first swing in the fight that lead to his assault arrest. Shanahan has used lie detectors tests before and had been pleased with the results, so he allowed Kircus to take the test.

“I said, ‘Well, David, I’ll give you a chance to take a lie-detector test,’ and he wanted to do that, and he passed it with flying colors, so he will be on our football team.”

— Mike Shanahan 5/29/07

When asked what would have happened if he had failed the test, Shanahan answered:

“If he flunked the test, he would not be with us. But he wanted to take the test. He said, ‘Coach, if I flunk it, I won’t be on this football team. If I do pass it, I’ll be on this team.’ I said, ‘Hey, that’s fair enough for me.’ Anybody that wants to go in there and take a lie detector test where his career is based on whether it comes out positive or negative, I’ve got a good feeling about.”

— Mike Shanahan 5/29/07

I think this will also bode well for David’s upcoming legal battle. I mean, if you can convince Mike Shanahan, you have a pretty good shoot with the jury! Let‘s hope so, as Kircus has shown truly promising ability last year and I was looking for an even better showing this year.

FULL STORY on DenverBroncos.com

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The biggest weekend news is the arrest of Denver wide out David Kircus. Kircus was originally a ‘person of interest’ but it has now been reported that he surrendered to Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputies Monday morning and was arrested on charges of second degree assault.

“An individual who identified himself (at the party) as Kircus was involved in an allegation that resulted in an assault. We are currently involved in the investigation, and where we’re at right now is a photo lineup to ensure proper identification. I would guess once that’s accomplished, we will have some conclusion or resolution to it.”

— Grayson Robinson, Sheriff of Arapahoe County 5/21/07

Kircus allegedly hit a homeowner in the face Sunday morning around 3:20 am at a party in Centennial. Kircus was invited to the home earlier by a female acquaintance with whom he later got into a disagreement. Deputes say that’s when the homeowner repeatedly asked Kircus to leave.

At the end of the driveway, Kircus is alleged to have struck the homeowner in the face causing serious bodily injury. He then drove away. The home owner went to the hospital and was treated for multiple broken facial bones.

The charges consist of a class four felony which includes a 2 to 6 year prison sentence if convicted. Kircus posted a $6,000 bond and was released. He is due in court Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

This is not Kircus’ first run-in with the law. He was arrested while playing in Detroit for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. That drunk driving charge was one violation in a string of traffic violations for the wide receiver. Kircus was ticketed for traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone and Kircus told authorities at the time of his DUI arraignment that he had his license suspended during his college career (full story).

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David Kircus was not at practice today, but spoke with Coach Shanahan earlier in the morning.

“Like all situations, there is two sides to every story. (Kircus told) a much different story from what came across from the other person. We’re going to let the due process take care of itself. And, obviously, if he didn’t handle himself the right way, he won’t be with us.”

— Mike Shanahan 5/21/07

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Mile High Report on several weekend arrests *

* I must mention that I completely agree with The Sports Guru on the topic of these player conduct issues. It’s not just disappointing any longer — it’s disgusting. And twice as disgusting here in Denver when every teammate of Darrent Williams knows how dangerous parties at 2am are.


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  1. […] much new in Jeff Krieger’s account of the story over what we’ve heard before (see previous entry), but Kircus’s defense attorney did get Krieger to admit that he had consumed at least 10 […]

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