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Great News about Cutler!

June 30, 2007

Credit USAToday for getting some great inside info on Cutler. Jim Corbett‘s article today has some great gems in it. Let’s take a look…

As we’ve heard throughout the off-season, Shanahan has been very impressed with Jay’s leadership.

“It’s not very often you get a quarterback at that age, with that type of ability and that type of leadership skills. He’s been working out here, and he’s done a great job with the receivers and our players in general. And hopefully he can keep on leading. He can’t do it by himself, though. And that’s why we’ve got, I’m hoping, a pretty good supporting cast.”

— Mike Shanahan 6/30/07

Jay Cutler and Mike ShanahanBut what I really like is that Shanahan has been working close enough to Jay to notice these leadership skills. According to this article the two of them have been spending hours together with Mike Heimerdinger reviewing not only tape on Jay, but also tape on Elway, Manning, Brees and Brady. This is awesome news! I haven’t been this excited about a QB’s development since Jake spent the off-season with Kubiak (and that season we nearly went to the big game).

“We’ve watched Elway, Peyton, Drew Brees, Tom Brady— how they work in the pocket and their feet. It’s been a real learning tool.”

— Jay Cutler 6/30/07

And what was the focus of all those hours of watching tape?

“The clock in your head, that’s what they’ve been preaching here the last couple of weeks with Mike and Dinger. They’ve helped me out tremendously in what I need to attack and look for.”

— Jay Cutler 6/30/07

So, it appears that Shanahan & Company are working hard to help develop Cutler’s speed in the pocket (i.e. reads, check-downs, footwork, etc). If he can put those things together on the field during camp and the preseason, I think we’ll have one heck of a QB come opening day!

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And speaking of putting it all together, how does our young QB feel about his newly acquired cast of offensive weapons?

“Having Travis, Daniel and Brandon (Stokley) here, they simplify things for me. They take a lot of guesswork out of my job. I just have to get the ball into their hands. It’s a tribute to coach Shanahan and his desire to win and help make my life easier that he brought these guys in.”

— Jay Cutler 6/30/07

The experience of these players is not going unused. It looks like Jay is soaking up information from them as well.

“Daniel and Brandon both offer advice: ‘You might want to run this a little deeper. This is how Peyton or Tom Brady might do something. They’ve been around some really great quarterbacks, and it helps make my job easier.”

— Jay Cutler 6/30/07


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All in all, I think this is great news for all of us Bronco fans! It’s the first article to include details on what Shanahan and Cutler have been working on this off-season. It also points to the fact that Shanahan is PERSONALLY working with Cutler — and that’s great news. I think we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this season…. and it all starts with our new QB.


Article in USAToday: FULL STORY




One Week Until 07/07/07!!!

June 30, 2007

Ok, here’s the 07/07/07 JOHN ELWAY DAY update!

I have joined forces with my blogging brethren to try and encourage the city of Denver to undertake some sort of special event for July 07, 2007 (07/07/07) in honor of the Mile High hero John Elway. Some of us that are working on this include: Orange Bucksnort, BroncoTalk, Colorado Homers (the founders of this great idea). We have also asked fans on forums like BroncoMania, Orange Mane and BroncoFreak to help out.

So, far we have a some local businesses that are offering to put on sales or promotions for that day, but we don’t have anything BIG set up by Dove Valley or the City of Denver (which is still our goal).

We’ve had several people calling and emailing the mayor, Broncos HQ and some of the TV stations as well as the Denver Post, but at this point we haven’t seen anything run in the mainstream media. So, now we need to try to get the local Denver Radio involved.

Radio promotions can work fast, but to motivate them to get going we need to call and email them in enough force to cause them to move on this. So, we need you’re help!

Here’s what you can do:

#1. Contact 850AM KOA: WEBSITE — this is their contact page, but here is the important number — TALK LINE: 303-713-8585   Everyone should call them during sports shows and ask about 07/07/07!

#2. Contact 950FM THE FAN: WEBSITE — this is their contact page, but here is the studio line number: (303) 893-2-950. Also, you can email any of the shows you listen to The Sports Guys Scott & Al Irv & Joe and Jim Mike Evans

#3. Find your favorite station: WEBSITE — this is a complete list of all the Denver area radio stations. It includes their website links which should give you their contact numbers. Pick your favorite station (the one you always listen to) and give them a call. Get the DJ’s to talk about how many fans are calling about 07/07/07!

Get busy folks we have 6 days left!!!!

P.S. If you haven’t already contact the Mayor’s office we encourage you to do that this week: Contact the Mayor of Denver (John W. Hickenlooper): Phone: 3-1-1 or 720.865.9000, Fax: 720.865.8787, E-mail:


Denver Obsession hits THE AUDIBLE!!!

June 29, 2007

If you haven’t tuned in to THE AUDIBLE over on, you need to check them out.  Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom have a great show and if you’re hunting for more NFL info during the off-season, these guys will keep you busy with several podcasts per day! 

I got a chance to appear on their 7/29/07 podcast to talk about the Broncos upcoming season including Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Travis Henry.  We also chatted about my run in with Miles and the origins of my denver obsession (you can check it out HERE). 

To subscribe to their show, here are the links —

The AudibleRSS Link: CLICK HERE

The Audible Discussions: CLICK HERE

The Audible on iTunes: CLICK HERE

The Audible on Digg: CLICK HERE


NFL Europa is done

June 29, 2007

I think most fans will care very little about the NFL closing down it’s NFL Europa (formally Europe) league.  However, I’m actually sad to see it go.  I think there are many young players that gain valuable in-game experience from their time overseas.  This game experience doesn’t happen in the states as teams provide very limited reps for reserves or rookies.  For the Broncos, we have been lucky to get both Greg Eslinger (like Ben Hamilton before him) game-speed practice time while in NFLE this year.  And one of our elder statesmen, Nick Ferguson, played for two years in NLFE where he made the All-NFL Europe League squad as a member of the Fire in 1999.  That’s only to name a few…

I understand that the league has to make a decision based on the bottom line.  And, in this case, the bottom line is well into the red (NFLE lost a reported $32 Million this year).  I also understand that the league has been working on regular season games for overseas countries including a proposal for increasing the season to 17 games.

I just think that it’s sad to loose this 15 year traditional training ground for young NFL athletes…  Call me sentimental.

NFL Official Announcement: HERE

Article on Nick Ferguson’s time in NFLE: HERE


Historical Look at Shanahan’s Broncos

June 29, 2007

I have had a theory about Shanahan’s Broncos… It’s not at all scientific, but I believe it to be a quasi-accurate formula for charting our path to a Super Bowl.

The theory is simply this: It takes Shanahan three years to go from new QB to Super Bowl.

YEAR #1 (TRANSITION): The first year is a ‘Transition’ year, where Shanahan is both teaching his new QB as well as learning what that QB can do best. I guess it could be called a ‘rebuilding’ year, but I hate that term so we’ll use ‘Transition Year.’

YEAR #2 (PLAYOFFS): The second year Shanahan has nearly perfected the coordination of his QB and his playbook and the Broncos find themselves in the playoffs (hence ‘playoff’ year).

YEAR #3 (SUPER BOWL YEAR): um… pretty self-explanatory, really.

Now you might be asking: If that’s true why haven’t we won a Super Bowl every three years?

Good questions! The answer is very simple… things went wrong. Some of these were beyond anyone’s control (see 2001 below). The other major factor is the fact that, while Mike Shanahan can bring a team to the brink of the Super Bowl, he needs a QB that can finish the deal. I think he worked wonders with each of the post-Elway quarterbacks he has worked with, but until now I don’t think we’ve had ‘the closer’ we need at that position.

Here is a break down of the Shanahan Era Broncos according to my theory:

1995 Season: 8-8 (no post-season)
Elway: 3970, Davis: 1117, Miller: 1079/McCaffrey: 447, Sharpe: 756

TRANSITION YEAR: Shanahan takes over the Broncos.

1996 Season: 13-3 (Post-season: 0-1 lost Divisional Playoffs)
Elway: 3328, Davis: 1538, Miller: 735/McCaffrey: 553, Sharpe: 1062

PLAYOFF YEAR: The Broncos advance to the playoffs.

1997 Season: 12-4 (4-0 Super Bowl Champions)
Elway: 3635, Davis: 1750, Smith: 1180/McCaffrey: 590, Sharpe: 1107

SUPER BOWL YEAR: “This one’s for John.”

1998 Season: 14-2 (3-0 Super Bowl Champions)
Elway: 2806, Davis: 2008, Smith: 1222/McCaffrey: 1053, Sharpe: 768

SUPER BOWL YEAR: Team stays the same… same results.

1999 Season: 6-10 (no post-season)
Griese: 3032, Gary: 1159/Davis: 211, Smith: 1020/McCaffrey: 1018, Chamberlain: 488
TRANSITION YEAR: Griese takes over at QB.

2000 Season: 11-5 (0-1 post-season: lost Wild Card Playoffs)
Griese: 2688, Anderson: 1487/Davis: 282, Smith: 1602/McCaffrey: 1317, Carswell: 495/Clark: 339

PLAYOFF YEAR: The Broncos have a GREAT year and advance to the playoffs.

2001 Season: 8-8 (no post-season)
Griese: 2827, Davis: 701/Anderson: 678, Smith: 1343, Clark: 566

SUPER BOWL YEAR: Ok, it was supposed to be Super Bowl year, but this was the ‘Year of Tragedy.’ Monday night before the world-changing 9/11 attacks, Eddie McCaffrey breaks his leg. TD gets injured later that year and things fall apart. By Dec. 16th (the KC game) our 3rd string QB is throwing to our 5th string WR… Dark times for all Denver fans.

2002 Season: 9-7 (no post-season)
Griese: 3214, Clinton Portis: 1508, Smith: 1027/McCaffrey: 903, Sharpe: 686

LAME DUCK YEAR: This year is lost as Griese never recovers from 2001 and is finally benched.

2003 Season: 10-6 (0-1 post-season: lost Wild Card Playoffs)
Plummer: 2182, Clinton Portis: 1591, Smith: 845/Lelie: 628, Sharpe: 770

TRANSITION YEAR: Plummer takes over at QB.

2004 Season: 10-6 (0-1 post-season: lost Wild Card Playoffs)
Plummer: 4089, Droughns: 1240/T. Bell: 396, Smith: 1144/Lelie: 1084, Putzier: 572

PLAYOFF YEAR: The Broncos play well and advance to the playoffs.

2005 Season: 13-3 (1-1 post-season: lost Conference Championship)
Plummer: 3366, Anderson: 1014/T. Bell: 921, Smith: 1105/Lelie: 770, Putzier: 481

SUPER BOWL YEAR: Ok, it was supposed to be a Super Bowl year. We had one of our best shots at it since Elway left and we blew it. Most people blamed Plummer (and so did Shanahan- he drafts Cutler in the off-season).

2006 Season: 9-7 (no post-season)
Plummer/Cutler combine: 2995, T. Bell: 1025/M. Bell: 677, Walker: 1084/Smith: 512, Scheffler: 286

TRANSITION YEAR: Plummer starts at QB, but is replaced by Cutler in Nov.
Cutler begins to work the offense and learn what it’s like to be a QB in the NFL.

Follow me so far? Well, at least pretend you do for my sake…

IF we count 2006 as a Transition year (and not a Lame Duck year), that leaves us two years remaining on the three year development theory of mine . So, it’s time for my predictions based on this wildly unscientific theory that I just made up! 🙂

2007 Season: 11-5 (1-1 post-season: lost Conference Championship)
Cutler: 3500, Henry: 1500, Walker: 1200/Marshall: 700, TE: 550

PLAYOFF YEAR: Cutler plays well his sophomore year aided by Henry on the ground.

2008 Season: 13-3 (3-0 Super Bowl Champions)
Cutler: 3300, Henry: 1800, Walker: 1300/Marshall: 1100, TE: 775

SUPER BOWL YEAR: Shanahan finally gets his post-Elway ring!

As fun as this is, I hope none of you are taking this too seriously…..



HELP us make 07/07/07 John Elway Day!

June 28, 2007

John ElwaySo, today is John Elway’s Birthday!  What a perfect day to support the big man himself by helping to get 07/07/07 named John Elway Day! 

The origins for this grand plan began with a fellow Denver fan named Matt who emailed the Colorado Homers with a request to drum up support for the seventh day of Juy this year, to be named JOHN ELWAY DAY (7/7/07).  With this being the only time it will happen in our lifetimes (and Elway’s), why miss the opportunity to spend a full day basking in the undying glory that is ‘The Duke’?

Many of us have enjoyed what Elway and the Broncos have done for us over the years, now here’s a chance for US TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIM!

I’m going to offer you several ways of assisting in making this thing happen for Matt and the rest of us…

 1.  Contact the Mayor of Denver (John W. Hickenlooper): Phone: 3-1-1 or 720.865.9000, Fax: 720.865.8787,  E-mail:  


2.  Contact the Governer of Colorado (Bill Ritter): Phone: (303) 866-2471, Fax: (303) 866-2003, Email:


3.  Contact CBS4 (and ask them to cover the story): Contact Form:


4.  Contact ABC7 (and ask them to cover the story): Phone: (303) 832-7777


5.  Contact NBC9 (and ask them to cover the story): Email:, Phone: 303.871.1799


 6.  Contact the Denver Post: Phone: (303) 954-1201, Email Letter to the Editor:


Get busy Broncos Fans!!! 


Off-Season Recap

June 27, 2007

In an attempt to put our busy off-season into perspective, I’ve organized most of our moves and notable news this off-season into one timeline.  I did add two items from 2006 (Jay Cutler’s starting at QB and Al Wilson injuring his neck).  I’ve also added this timeline to a page under the Information.

Let me know if I missed anything.


  • 11/27/06 — Cutler is named the starting QB. 
  • 12/3/06 — Al Wilson injures his neck during the Seattle game.
  • 1/01/07 — Shooting death of starting CB Darrent Williams.
  • 1/02/07 — Denver signs ten players for the 2007 season: FB Troy Fleming, QB Darrell Hackney, DE Carlos Hall, LB T.J. Hollowell, P Eddie Johnson, TE Teyo Johnson, G Kevin McAlmont, CB Lamont Reid, T Jacob Rogers and LB Cameron Vaughn.
  • 1/04/07 — Denver signs FB Thump Belton, CB Eric Hill, WR Glenn Martinez and G Doug Nienhius for the 2007 season.
  • 1/05/07 — Denver signs RB Andre Hall and CB Jeff Shoate for the 2007 season.
  • 1/09/07 — Denver fires Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer.
  • 1/10/07 — Denver cuts loose defensive line/tackles coach Andre Patterson.
  • 1/11/07 — Jim Bates is is named Denver’s assistant head coach/defense and Bob Slowik is promoted from secondary coach to defensive coordinator.
  • 1/12/07 — Denver allocates five to NFL Europa: C Greg Eslinger, TE Teyo Johnson, G Kevin McAlmont, T Doug Nienhuis and CB Lamont Reid.
  • 1/16/07 — Denver’s TE coach, Tim Brewster, accepts the head coaching job at the University of Minnesota.
  • 1/17/07 — Bill Johnson is hired as the teams defensive line coach.
  • 1/28/07 — The Broncos hire Scott O’Brien as special-teams coach, Joe Baker as linebackers coach and moving former special-teams coach Ronnie Bradford to assistant defensive backs coach.
  • 2/11/07 — John Lynch and Champ Bailey help the AFC win the Pro Bowl.
  • 2/25/07 — RB Damien Nash passes away after a charity basketball event. 
  • 2/26/07 — Rod Smith undergoes hip surgery.
  • 3/02/07 — Denver trades with Detroit: CB Dre Bly for RB Tatum Bell, George Foster and a 5th-round pick in the draft.
  • 3/03/07 — Jake Plummer retires as the Broncos trade him to the Bucs for a conditional draft pick in 2008.  Denver also trade their 6th-round pick to Miami for a DT Dan Wilkinson.
  • 3/05/07 — Denver signs RB Travis Henry, G Montrae Holland and RB Paul Smith.
  • 3/09/07 — Denver signs TE Daniel Graham.
  • 3/12/07 — Denver re-signs WR Quincy Morgan.
  • 3/13/07 — Denver re-signs DE Kenny Peterson.
  • 3/19/07 — DE Courtney Brown is released.  Denver signs QB Patrick Ramsey.
  • 3/20/07 — Denver signs DT Alvin McKinley.
  • 3/22/07 — Denver signs WR Brandon Stokley.
  • 3/24/07 — Denver hires defensive assistant Charlie Jackson.
  • 3/28/07 — CB Dre Bly and the Broncos agree to a contract extention.
  • 3/31/07 — Denver’s trade with Miami for Dan Wilkinson is voided when Wilkinson doesn’t showup for his physical.
  • 4/03/07 — Off-season workouts begin.
  • 4/09/07 — Mike Shanahan agrees to a contract extention.
  • 4/12/07 — Denver signs WR David Terrell. 2007-08 NFL schedule is released.
  • 4/20/07 — Denver signs kicker Todd Sauerbrun.
  • 4/26/07 — Denver releases LB Al Wilson and signs LB Warrick Holdman and LB D.D. Lewis.
  • 4/28/07 — Denver moves up to draft DE Jarvis Moss.  They also draft DE Tim Crowder and OT Ryan Harris. 
  • 4/29/07 — Denver again moves up and drafts DT Marcus Thomas.
  • 5/01/07 — Denver waives RB Cedric Cobbs.
  • 5/02/07 — Denver signs five college free agents: G Tim Duckworth, DT Steven Harris, WR Marquay McDaniel, S Roderick Rogers and RB Selvin Young.
  • 5/07/07 — Denver signs college free agents C Mark Fenton and kicker Brandon Pace.  They release Tim Duckworth.
  • 5/14/07 — Denver waives TE Landon Trusty.
  • 5/16/07 — OTA days start with QB Camp.
  • 5/21/07 — TE Tony Scheffler breaks his left foot during practice. 
  • 5/29/07 — OTA days continue as Team Camp begins.
  • 6/04/07 — Denver signs DT Sam Adams.
  • 6/07/07 — Denver trades with St. Louis for DT Jimmy Kennedy.  They release CB Eric Hill.
  • 6/21/07 — C Greg Eslinger is named to the All-NFL Europa Team for his performance with the Cologne Centurions.