Busy Off-Season for Free Agents

June 6, 2007

Fox Sports just listed off all of the Free Agency moves the Broncos have made this off-season. While I’ve followed each one, the size of this list still surprised me! Saying it’s been a busy off-season is one thing, but taking a look at this list really demonstrates how eager Mike Shanahan is to better this team and get back to the Super Bowl.


–LB Louis Green: Potential RFA; 3 yrs, terms unknown.

–FB Kyle Johnson: RFA; terms unknown.

–WR Quincy Morgan: UFA; terms unknown.

–DT Kenny Peterson: UFA; terms unknown.

–FB Cecil Sapp: RFA; $1.3M/1 yr.


–CB Dre’ Bly (trade Lions).

–TE Daniel Graham: UFA Patriots; $30M/5 yrs, $15M guaranteed.

–RB Travis Henry: FA Titans; 5 yrs, $12M guaranteed; other terms unknown.

–LB Warrick Holdman: UFA Redskins; terms unknown.

–OG Montrae Holland: UFA Saints; $1M/1 yr, SB unknown.

–LB D.D. Lewis: UFA Seahawks; terms unknown.

–DT Alvin McKinley: UFA Browns; $8M/4 yrs, SB unknown.

–QB Patrick Ramsey: FA Jets; $4.5M/2 yrs, SB unknown.

–P Todd Sauerbrun: UFA Patriots; $820,000/1 yr.

–FB Paul Smith: UFA Rams; $2.55M/3 yrs, $300,000 SB.

–WR Brandon Stokley: FA Colts; 1 yr, terms unknown.

–WR David Terrell: FA; 1 yr, terms unknown.


–RB Tatum Bell (traded Lions).

–DE Courtney Brown (released).

–LB Keith Burns: UFA; retired.

–OG Cooper Carlisle: UFA Raiders; 2 yrs, terms unknown.

–DE Patrick Chukwurah: UFA Buccaneers; $5.5M/5 yrs, SB unknown.

–RB Cedric Cobbs (released).

–OT George Foster (traded Lions).

–DT Michael Myers: UFA Bengals; $1.65M/2 yrs, $100,000 SB.

–RB Damien Nash (deceased).

–QB Jake Plummer (traded Buccaneers).

–CB Darrent Williams (deceased).

–LB Al Wilson (released; post-June 1 designation).

P.S. It still unnerving to see Darrent and Damien listed as ‘deceased’. 😦


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