June 6, 2007


den-logo.jpg Always the first with pictures and team info – Mason’s Morsels: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6. Day 7

den-logo.jpg Some good news on Brandon Stokley. He was seen jogged around the playing fields while the rest of the Broncos stretched and watched from the sidelines when the team ran plays.

“He is looking pretty good. I was thinking about practicing him this week and decided not to. We’re having him do some football related drills. He should be able to go full speed for the next mini camp on July 9 and 10.”

— Mike Shanahan 6/6/07

den-logo.jpg DT Sam Adams was at his first Mile High OTA on Tuesday. He impressed the coaches with his quickness and said his knee was 100%.

“I feel good. This is a great system to be a part of as a defensive lineman. It’s an attacking front. It allows us to put pressure on the football, whether it be run or pass.”

— Sam Adams 6/5/07

den-logo.jpg Shanahan mentioned in his press conference on Tuesday that Sam Brandon probably could have participated fully this week. But since he’s recovering from two torn knee ligaments, Shanahan has opted to keep him from full participation until Minicamp (where he should be “full speed”).

den-logo.jpg Brandon Marshall has been sidelined recently with a slight groin injury. No one seems too concerned — it’s likely a precautionary move.

den-logo.jpg Eddie Moore has been running off-and-on with the first team defense for a couple days now: FULL STORY

“D.J. gives me lot of tips — like ‘run fast'” — Eddie Moore 6/1/07

den-logo.jpg Here are articles about two of our new players: Backup QB Patrick Ramsey and FB Paul Smith.

“It’s my first time in this system, and I’m still adjusting. But I feel like I’m picking it up quicker than I have with other systems.”

— Patrick Ramsey 6/1/07

den-logo.jpg Interesting news that Cecil Sapp (12lbs lighter) is working at both FB and tail back positions: FULL STORY

den-logo.jpg It’s good to see some of our injured players back on the field: Sam Brandon, Nick Ferguson, Cecil Sapp, and Matt Lepsis (STORY ON MATT)

den-logo.jpg The Denver Post talks to Daniel Graham about his homecoming: FULL STORY

“I’m doing real good picking up on this offense. Everything is coming pretty smoothly. It’s been a good first week. I feel comfortable, but I know I have a lot more to learn.

— Daniel Graham 5/25/07

den-logo.jpg Rocky Mountain News takes a look at Bronco rookie kicker and form Virginia Tech student Brandon Pace: FULL STORY


Line Break

Here is a great look at our team during Quarterback Camp provided by Andrew Mason through this blog Mason’s Morsels — thanks Andrew! 🙂

Quarterback Camp Photos from Mason’s Morsels:

Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven

My thoughts on what we learned during Quarterback Camp



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