Excited about Eslinger!

June 11, 2007

Boy, am I impressed with our young Center from Minnesota!

He’s really causing a stir over in Europe as his Cologne Centurions have blasted their way to a 6-3 record (currently tied for first place with two other teams). The Centurion O-line is being led by our 2006 sixth round draft pick, 6’3″ 290lb, Greg Eslinger. So, it’s not surprising that the Centurions lead the NFL Europa teams in rushing yards per game (+145).

Eslinger has been making holes for his team’s rushers throughout his football career.

In college, he started as a true freshman, where he stood out as a leader in an O-line that opened holes for their RB’s to gain over 213 yards per game while allowing only 11 sacks that season.

The next year, Eslinger blossomed into an elite Center as his O-line dominated defenses and lead the way for two 1100 yard RB’s. Eslinger himself played almost 1000 downs, made 84 knockdowns, posted twelve touchdown-resulting blocks and did not allow a single sack while he was on the field… not bad for a sophomore.

As a Junior, Eslinger raised the bar again. In 2004, Minnesota average 6.3 yards per play, and 5.4 yards per rush with two RB’s again gaining over 1000 yards for the season. He added 103 key blocks/knockdowns and fourteen touchdown-resulting blocks to his resume. More impressive was the season sack total (9) which was the lowest school total in over 35 years.

Finally, as a Senior, Eslinger made 85 key blocks/knockdowns with sixteen touchdown-resulting blocks for an offense that averaged 494.8 yards of total offense per game. Their powerful running game averaged 273.1 yards per game. And unsatisfied by breaking a 35 year old record in 2004, he lead his offensive teammates in an effort that allowed only three sacks for the year!

For those of you keeping score at home, that puts Minnesota’s average offensive output during Eslinger’s stay at 256.8 rushing yards per game, 454.8 total offense yards per game and 0.78 sacks per game. Can you imagine what Denver could do if our sacks per game were 0.78?!?

Line Break

Greg Eslinger was Denver’s allocation to NFL Europa this year and with his solid performance so far, I only see great things in his future!

Greg Eslinger’s NFL Europa Preformance:

Week 1: Started out on the right foot, by helping the team gain 157 yrds on the ground and score two rushing TDs.

Week 2: Protected the QB by only allowing one sack while the team gained 338 total yards.

Week 3: Beat the Fire by allowing only two sacks and gaining 114 yards rushing for the game.

Week 4: Despite the narrow lose to the Thunder, Eslinger helped the Centurions gain 314 total Offensive yards.

Week 5: Helped silence the Thunder in their rematch game with 188 total yards on the ground.

Week 6: Anchored the O-line for another impressive rushing gain of 127 yards.

Week 7: Blew holes in the D-line big enough to fit TWO 100 yard rushing performances! Total rushing yards = 232!!!

Week 8: The Centurions lost to the Hamburg Sea Devils 7-21, and only posting 87 yards rushing for the game — so far the only weak game in a great series.

Week 9: Thumped the Admirals, 31-13, and helped the team gain 415 yards of total offense.


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