Jay’s Gift to Santa Claus

June 17, 2007

So, what does Denver’s young quarterback do between his OTA days at Dove Valley?  Well, recently he’s held his first annual Tee-Off For Youth Success golf tournament, aimed at raising money for his new foundation and assisting youth in the Denver area.  And this last weekend he headed home to Santa Claus, Indiana to help raise money for the local Parks and Recreation Department during their Summer Festival. 

He was joined by former Olympian Terry Brahm and fellow hometown High School football star (and current Tampa Bay Buc), Jon Goldsberry.  Goldsberry and Cutler played together at Heritage Hills, although Goldsberry was a year older.  They fondly remember their time as Heritage Hills Patriots and wanted to give something back to the community that gave them their first starting roles.

“Being born and raised in Santa Claus, we learned the hard work and discipline it takes to get through tough times.  Jay and I played together in high school and we remember what it was like the first time Ken Dilger (a former NFL standout with the Colts and Bucs) walked back into our locker room. It makes a huge difference. It’s nice to maybe be able to do the same.”

— Jon Goldsberry 6/16/07

I think this just goes to reinforce what every source near Culter has been saying all off-season.  Jay truly understands his new leadership position both on and off the field.  And he has shown that he takes his new responsibilities very seriously.  I think we have very good things to look forward to this year. 

So, go ahead and make it down now — Cutler’s name is on the ‘nice’ list.  Let’s just hope Santa Claus remembers it when Christmas rolls around.

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