KC dealing with DEN?!

June 24, 2007

Well, it’s not unheard of for players to move between division rivals. In fact, sometimes it’s the best thing that can happen to a player. In 2001, Eddie Kennison retired (the day before a game) from Denver only to ‘unretire’ the next week. When the dust settled he was playing for Denver’s divisional rival KC. As a Chief, Kennison has experienced a career boost – posting more than 800 yards receiving in each of the past six years (including two +1000 yard years).

Now, the rumor circulating Kansas City is that their former starting safety Greg Wesley is looking to leave the team. Denver has expressed interest and it looks like they may have even offered a draft pick for the safety. However, the Chiefs are in a bad position. They don’t want to give Denver a player they would have to face twice a year (especially one with inside info on all aspects of their game). Adding Wesley to Denver’s already wicked secondary is not something the Chiefs relish. This is making them very hesitant to pull the trigger on the deal.

However, with Wesley unhappy and KC looking to unload his $2.7M base salary, if they don’t do the deal with Denver they will be forced to cut Wesley. In that case Denver could sign Wesley without giving KC a dime – which is just as undesirable for the Chiefs.

Either way, it is likely that Denver will end up with Wesley. In that case he will join the best secondary in the NFL. And if working with Champ Bailey, John Lynch and the newly revamped Defense isn’t enough to help Wesley’s career, maybe two games against his former team will.

We can only hope so! šŸ™‚

Kansas City Star Article: FULL STORY

Greg Wesley’s NFL stats: LINK

2001 Article on Eddie Kennison’s Move to KC: FULL STORY

LineĀ Break

Edit: 6/24/07 7:50am

It’s worth nothing that TSG over at the Mile High Report has a very good point about this story…

“In reality this story, which you have heard nothing of in the Denver media, was probably leaked by the Chiefs in hopes of generating interest in the seven-year vet around the league. “

— The Sports Guru 7/22/07

TSG’s Insight on this trade talk: FULL STORY


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