Denver Obsession hits THE AUDIBLE!!!

June 29, 2007

If you haven’t tuned in to THE AUDIBLE over on footballguys.com, you need to check them out.  Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom have a great show and if you’re hunting for more NFL info during the off-season, these guys will keep you busy with several podcasts per day! 

I got a chance to appear on their 7/29/07 podcast to talk about the Broncos upcoming season including Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Travis Henry.  We also chatted about my run in with Miles and the origins of my denver obsession (you can check it out HERE). 

To subscribe to their show, here are the links —

The AudibleRSS Link: CLICK HERE

The Audible Discussions: CLICK HERE

The Audible on iTunes: CLICK HERE

The Audible on Digg: CLICK HERE



  1. yo, just came across your spot via CoHomers. Keep up the good word on Elway Day; I’ll post a blurb about it soon on my lame blog. Holler.

  2. Thanks for stopping by… And thanks for helping out with the JOHN ELWAY DAY campaign!

  3. great show! Go Broncos!

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