One Week Until 07/07/07!!!

June 30, 2007

Ok, here’s the 07/07/07 JOHN ELWAY DAY update!

I have joined forces with my blogging brethren to try and encourage the city of Denver to undertake some sort of special event for July 07, 2007 (07/07/07) in honor of the Mile High hero John Elway. Some of us that are working on this include: Orange Bucksnort, BroncoTalk, Colorado Homers (the founders of this great idea). We have also asked fans on forums like BroncoMania, Orange Mane and BroncoFreak to help out.

So, far we have a some local businesses that are offering to put on sales or promotions for that day, but we don’t have anything BIG set up by Dove Valley or the City of Denver (which is still our goal).

We’ve had several people calling and emailing the mayor, Broncos HQ and some of the TV stations as well as the Denver Post, but at this point we haven’t seen anything run in the mainstream media. So, now we need to try to get the local Denver Radio involved.

Radio promotions can work fast, but to motivate them to get going we need to call and email them in enough force to cause them to move on this. So, we need you’re help!

Here’s what you can do:

#1. Contact 850AM KOA: WEBSITE — this is their contact page, but here is the important number — TALK LINE: 303-713-8585   Everyone should call them during sports shows and ask about 07/07/07!

#2. Contact 950FM THE FAN: WEBSITE — this is their contact page, but here is the studio line number: (303) 893-2-950. Also, you can email any of the shows you listen to The Sports Guys Scott & Al Irv & Joe and Jim Mike Evans

#3. Find your favorite station: WEBSITE — this is a complete list of all the Denver area radio stations. It includes their website links which should give you their contact numbers. Pick your favorite station (the one you always listen to) and give them a call. Get the DJ’s to talk about how many fans are calling about 07/07/07!

Get busy folks we have 6 days left!!!!

P.S. If you haven’t already contact the Mayor’s office we encourage you to do that this week: Contact the Mayor of Denver (John W. Hickenlooper): Phone: 3-1-1 or 720.865.9000, Fax: 720.865.8787, E-mail: MileHighMayor@ci.denver.co.us


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  1. […] and the newer blue, so I’m wearing both! Denver sports bars have mentioned support, and the My Denver Obsession blog listed numerous ways to get the Denver community involved! But I can help you celebrate on the web… here’s a few pictures and YouTubes for you to […]

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