Learning from the Special Teams Gōru

July 2, 2007

I don’t know what we’re doing messing around with Scott O’Brien. I mean, sure, he’s created some of the most impressive special teams units in the NFL, but he doesn’t have ANYTHING on this guy!

We should all learn something valuable from this Special Teams Gōru… Although I’m not really sure what a ‘Gōru’ is… I’m sure it’s something good!

“33% of the game is Special Teams, other 33% is Offense, other 33% Defense and 1%…. well 0.01%… or, whatever the f#@$’s left is motherf#@k’n mental!”

— Thafranchise1 

Oh… it’s ‘mental’ alright… and for you it’s about 0.01% mental.    🙂

Line Break

 For over 150 more video examples of this ‘Special’ team player check out his YouTube collection: HERE


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