Two Day’s until 07/07/07!

July 5, 2007

So, with only two days left before 07/07/07 JOHN ELWAY DAY, we have some great news about ole #7.  Sports Illustrated just listed off the top players from any sport to ever wear their numbers.  Our own JOHN ELWAY won the title of best pro athlete to wear the #7, with Mickey Mantle a close second!

That’s a nice honor for the man of the hour this Saturday.  And speaking of Saturday, I’d love to hear what your JOHN ELWAY DAY plans are.   Whether you’re heading out to a local sports bar to celebrate with friends or just plan to wear your old #7 jersey and crank up the tape of that awesome 1997 Super Bowl game, I encourage you to spend 07/07/07 enjoying yourself in John’s honor!

If you haven’t recently checked out other 07/07/07 supportive bloggers here are some great sites you should totally visit: Orange Bucksnort, BroncoTalk, Colorado Homers (the founders of this great idea).

Number Story at SI.som: HERE


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