This one’s for John Elway Day

July 8, 2007

I haven’t had time to post the last two days as our house has been a hotbed of weekend merry-making. My in-laws came down from Virginia and we had friends over for a couple of cookouts. We built a tire swing, ate LOTS of steaks, hot dogs and chicken, watched some historic John Elway games on tape and even threw my commemorative 1998 World Championship nerf football around the backyard.

Our five year old foster daughter (who has been with us since May) drew a nice picture of John Elway running away from “the bad guys” (which she calls anyone in a non-Denver jersey). I told her we would send the picture to Elway, so now I have to figure out what his fan-mail address is. While my wife and I signed up to help children in our area that need a safe place to stay for a while, the added benefit for me is that I can convert all of them into little Denver Broncos fans! 🙂

Anyway, I hope all of you had an equally enjoyable 07/07/07 weekend!

Line Break

I’ll be anxiously awaiting some news coming out of Dove Valley again this week as mini-camp starts tomorrow — I’m SOOO stoked! I’m looking forward to seeing how our injured players are progressing with their recoveries. Also, I think we’ll see several important position battles begin this week (and continue through Camp).

At last, the football drought is about to end!



  1. Dogfish,

    You say “your in-laws came down from Virginia.” Where are you located? Somewhere in the South? I’m in Atlanta.


  2. Sorry for the confusion… Dogfish is actually a guest author on the site — I guess I need to clerify that better! 🙂

    The blog My Denver Obsession is run by Jonathan Douglas (me). But to answer your question, I am living in Knoxville, TN — home of Cutler’s ‘Big Win.’

    Several years ago, I lived just North of Atlanta (Buford to be exact). My wife and I get down to Atlanta as often as possible… there’s always something going on down there! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, Stovie47! In addition to my posts, we’ll have more from Dogfish and maybe even one or two other guest authors… it should be a great football season!

    Go Broncos!

    Jonathan Douglas
    My Denver Obsession

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