Brandon Marshall… Injured much?

July 10, 2007

My, my… I’m beginning to wonder if Brandon Marshall can make it through a full OTA without tweaking, pulling, tearing or breaking something.  This time it’s his left quad. 

The Denver Post is reporting that Tuesday morning Marshall pulled up short after he “felt a little pull” while running a route.  Brandon missed most of team camp with a groin strain.

At this point Shanahan has to be a little worried about whether or not Marshall can stay healthy enough to swing the #2 slot (think of all the hits Eddie took — or Rod Smith).  Marshall has all the talent and skills to be a pro-bowler, but he needs to start having some LUCK too.

As for the seriousness of this particular injury, Brandon says it’s nothing to be concerned about.

“It’s just a little tweak.  I have to get back in the training room and continue to rehab and get ready for training camp.”

— Brandon Marshall 7/10/07

While, I’m sure he’ll be ready for camp in a couple of weeks, the concern is not his quad — it’s his overall durability. 

Denver Post Article: FULL STORY 

Brandon Marshall on THE BEAT’s Hot Seat(pre-minicamp): FULL STORY


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