Mini-Camp Notes & Info

July 10, 2007

Javon Walker’s MohawkMini-Camp is officially wrapped up and we’ll have a couple of weeks without any news again before Training Camp starts. But for two days we got a good look at some new broncos (as well as some old ones).

Here is the much awaited closer look at Javon’s new hairdo (courtesy of Andrew Mason). We don’t know yet if this is a tribute to Darrent Williams or just a fashion statement… We’ll keep you posted!

and here are some football-related highlights from mini-camp…


den-logo.jpg First, and foremost, is the excellent coverage of all things orange & blue by our hero of the Denver blog-o-sphere Andrew Mason. He continues his work with daily news and pictures from mini-camp. Check out the pictures here: DAY 1, Day 2

den-logo.jpg Brandon Stokley was out on the field and running around. He even participate in 7-on-7 drills on Tuesday! He is expected to be 100% by the time Camp starts on the 27th. FULL STORY on Rocky Mountain News, FULL STORY in the Post

den-logo.jpg Brandon Marshall was also on the field running again…. until he pulled his quadriceps. He says it’s no big deal and that he plans to be 100% for Camp. FULL STORY on his recovery from the Groin Injury on DenverBroncos.com

den-logo.jpg Cecil Sapp played RB for the Second Team.

den-logo.jpg The First Team O-line on Monday consisted of: LT Matt Lepsis, LG Ben Hamilton, C Tom Nalen, RG Chris Kuper and RT Erik Pears. On Tuesday, Ben Hamilton was absent and Chris Myers filled in.

den-logo.jpg The First Team D-line rotated heavily both days.

den-logo.jpg As for the secondary, Eddie Moore lined up with the First Team on Monday but was absent on Tuesday. Mike Shanahan said it was excused, but won’t go into details. Warrick Holdman filled in for the LB.

den-logo.jpg Ian Gold, Curome Cox, John Lynch and newly acquired NFLE CB Kevin House each intercepted passes on Monday.

den-logo.jpg Nick Ferguson’s wife gave birth at 4am this morning to a baby boy… and, yes, that excused him from practice as well! Nick says now that he has another mouth to feed he’s going play even more aggressively–is that possible?!

den-logo.jpg Still, hungry for more Broncos New… Check out the great coverage over at THE BEAT and the Guru’s list of Quotables over on Mile High Report.


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