INJURY UPDATE: Rod Smith, Tony Scheffler, Brandon Stokley

July 11, 2007

So, Rod Smith’s recovery is going slower than expected.  Not all that surprising, but as the wide receiver position is an open competition this year (beyond Javon Walker, of course), it makes Smith a hot topic.  ALL of the major papers and websites have articles running on Smith, who met with reporters after mini-camp wrapped up on Tuesday. 

“Everybody’s body is different.  When you get a little older, it takes a little longer. My body said, ‘No, you’re not (ready).’ I have to listen. The thing is getting ready for football season. I know camp is a part of the season, but football season starts in September. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

— Rod Smith 7/10/07

Article and video on Denverbroncos.com: FULL STORY & VIDEO

Article at Rocky Mountain News: FULL STORY

Notes on Smith in the Denver Post: FULL STORY

Associated Press Article: FULL STORY

Line Break

Tony Scheffler had a doctor visit on Friday (before mini-camp) that confirmed he is on schedule with his recovery.  That’s good news on an injury that can be problematic.  Scheffler broke his foot (specifically his fifth metatarsal bone) and had to have a screw inserted to repair the split.  That surgery was May 21st, and Tony has been in a boot until last week. 

“I’m kind of in their hands and they’ve stressed to me I should be about ready to go come camp. But it’s kind of hard to guess what will happen in the next two or three weeks.  At this point, I’m not terribly concerned about it.”

— Tony Scheffler 7/10/07

The good news is that Scheffler has continued to work out (his upper body) and has lost 11 pounds from his ill-advised off-season bulking up plan.  The coaches were not pleased with Tony’s idea, and he has managed to lose almost all of the added weight. 

Line Break

The bright spot during mini-camp was seeing Brandon Stokley, not only in a Denver uniform finally, but actually participating in 7-on-7 drills.  He seems to be ahead of schedule and should be full speed by the preseason (if not camp).  That’s really good news for a position with many questions marks.


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