Marcus Thomas completes contract

July 11, 2007

Marcus Thomas, Denver’s fourth round draft pick, officiall signed his contract today.  The four year deal rumored to contain a signing bonus of $428k, is likely heavy on incentives as well as penalties for improper actions. 

Although I don’t see any serious risk of Thomas doing anything to ruin his chances to make the team, his drug use and failure to make curfew at Florida cost him dearly in the draft as he slid into the second day.  It also resulted in a steal for the Broncos, as Marcus had been projected as a top ten lineman on pure talent.  If Thomas can make the leap to the pro-level, the pick up will go down as a real gem in Shanahan’s drafting history.

I think Thomas does have the best shot at contributing this year, but we’ll have to see how our crowded D-line shakes out during camp.

Denver’s three other picks (Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder and Ryan Harris) are still working out their contracts with the Broncos.   Denver usually signs its rookies leading up to training camp which begins July 29th.   

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