Courtdates & Suspensions: Sam Brandon and David Kircus

July 13, 2007

Sam Brandon got the word yesterday that the NFL has decided to suspend him for the first two games of 2007 for violating the leagues’s conduct policy.  The NFL is refering to Brandon’s two domestic violence arrests (in June and July of 2005).  Although the misdemeanor charges stemming from the earlier incident were dismissed, the NFL’s tougher stance on behavior will likely cost Brandon the 9/9/07 Bills game and the 9/16/07 Oakland game.  

Brandon’s attorney is appealing the suspension, but I would very much doubt the Commish will be in the mood to lighten the ruling.

With Brandon out for two weeks, we can expect to see some of our backups get some more playing time leading up to the suspension (including camp and preseason).  Curome Cox and Hamza Abdullah would be the first guys to get the call.

 Article on the Denver Post: FULL STORY

Line Break

Meanwhile… David Kircus was in court yesterday hearing his accuser’s version of the account that landed him in trouble with the law in May.  There isn’t much new in Jeff Krieger’s account of the story over what we’ve heard before (see previous entry), but Kircus’s defense attorney did get Krieger to admit that he had consumed at least 10 alcoholic drinks that night before the altercation. 

The main point of Thursday’s court date was for the the Judge to determined if there was probable cause to continue with a trial.  He ruled that there was, so Kircus will be arraigned next month.

Article on the Denver Post: FULL STORY


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