“It’s not torture… It’s building confidence.”

July 13, 2007

Drill SergeantLeave it to Rich Tuten to say something like that. I mean, the dude is more like the angry drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket than a coach. But since strength and conditioning is his domain, he has vowed that our player’s constitution will not come between Denver and another Super Bowl ring.

“A strength coach is only good if he makes people do more than they would do on their own. I try to make things challenging to them.”

— Rich Tuten 7/12/07

And how does he ‘challenge’ them? Well, one way is to make them face “The Beast.” The Beast is a 300 pound wooden sled that players must push 25 yards across a grass field (with no wheels). Think that’s rough? Try doing it twelve times!

Players hate The Beast. In fact, it’s the most feared tool Tuten has at his disposal.

“Knowing Tuten, there is a little bit of sadistic stuff going on there. But it all has value going into the season, going into camp. You get your legs ready.”

— Chris Myers 7/12/07

If you don’t believe The Beast is really that bad. Check out this CBS4 video coverage of the players pushing it. Wait til the end of the video, when you see Herculean men doubled over on the field gasping for breath — then tell me it’s a piece of cake.

And, if you want to work on your own Strength & Conditioning, you can take a look at THIS feature by Tuten on personal S&C — enjoy! 



  1. it look like just the linemen use this.

  2. Actually, if I remember right, everyone uses it but the weight is diferent by position. I would imagine the 300 lbs is for Linemen, but DB’s and WR’s might be pushing 150-200 lbs versions.

    If you look closely, you’ll see that there are free weights stacked on the sleds being used in the video — so, they’re likely adjustable.


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