My First Game at Mile High!!!

July 16, 2007

I’ve been sitting on this little tidbit for a couple of weeks… but now I feel I must share it with you all.

My deep, dark terrible football secret is that I have never been to Denver. Not ever.

I know, it’s shocking — even embarrassing. Here I am, completely obsessed with all things orange and blue and I’ve never made it to the holy land of Bronco Country — the Mile High City.

Well, that’s about to change! This October I’ll be making my first pilgrimage to the bronco fan’s version of Mecca, INVESCO Field at Mile High. And it will not be for just any game. I have the great fortune of attending the San Diego home game!!!!

I will only have 24 hours in Denver (including the game), as I am immediately off for business on the West Coast the following week, but for those few hours I will get to step foot in the shrine of my football faith. I will get to partake in the sacred tailgate feast at the foot of the great stadium. I will dawn my team colors and adorn myself with badges of my faith. I will finally join my voice with the masses of other believers in the monk-like chant of IN-COM-PLETE. And, for the first time in my life, I will get to feel what it’s like to be among +80,000 people who all love the broncos!

… it will be a ‘holy’ new experience! šŸ™‚



  1. Glad that you can get to a game this year! I hope you have a great time!


  2. Awesome! I grew up in Denver but only went to my first game a few years ago…it was the KC game when Portis went for five scores though, so I guess it made up for lost time.

  3. SA,

    That would have been a GREAT game to see!!! I can only hope Denver has the same kind of success on Oct. 7th! šŸ™‚

  4. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. My seat was in the South Stands too.

  5. Love the Blog, (it’s in my bookmarks)
    I grew up in Denver and used to have my brothers lift the bottom of the chain link fence between the south and west stands. Then we’d go sit way up in the top of old mile high. Moved from Denver in 1988 and have been to two games since. Last Year bought single ticket (wife let me), sat on the 45yl 13 rows behind the Denver bench for the Indy game, (Great game, bad result)
    none of the mystique is gone, it was so awesome.
    Advice: Don’t skimp, spend the money for the one game, buy the real good seats, I sat two years prior two rows from the top, the atmosphere is way different. And don’t sit in the club level, no atmosphere there either. If you want the true experience, go through the parking lot and tailgate if you can, then get as close to the action as you can afford. I will be doing it again this year for the Green Bay Monday nighter.
    You will have so much fun you will freak out!

  6. First off, thanks for the kind words about the blog! I’m working pretty hard to come with interesting stuff this off-season, but figure we’ll have plenty to discuss come opening day! šŸ™‚

    I’m very envious that you have those great stories about sneaking into the old Mile High — that must have been a BLAST! And row 13 at nearly the 50 yard line must have been GREAT seats for that Indy game… too bad about the outcome. šŸ˜¦

    I’ve actually seen one Denver game before. I caught the DEN vs TEN Christmas game a few years back in Nashville. My wife and I had JUST moved to Tennessee from Florida and someone gave us the tickets as a gift. We didn’t have ANY winter clothes (my wife wore flip-flops… and it was below freezing). We ended up watching the fourth quarter from the Hotel room, but it was still awesome!

    For my first game at INVESCO, I plan to take your advice and go very early down to the parking lot and tale gate before going on in to the stadium. I’ve been invited to join some friend in a box, but I think I’ll end up walking around the stadium to find a rowdy section that I can scream and shout with the rest of the fans! šŸ™‚

    And although I think the San Diego game will be a great one, the Green Bay game will be an awesome one to see, too!

    Reply anytime with comments, questions, stories or anything else you feel like! I’m just a fellow fan and I love hearing from other people that share my obsession!

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