Tom Shaw’s Comments on Cutler

July 17, 2007

Who the heck is Tom Shaw?

Well, for 13 years Tom Shaw has been training potential NFL players. He currently runs “Tom Shaw Performance Enhancement” at Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, FL. His 4-6 week Performance Enhancement program helps prepare players who are entering the draft by increasing their speed, power, agility reaction and quickness. The athletes work on specific tests that they’ll run at the combine and individual workouts leading up to draft day.

But unlike many similar programs, Shaw is a true Master of his craft. He has trained 6 of the last Super Bowl MVP’s, 94 players who were selected in the first round of the draft and six #1 overall picks. His clients have included Deon Sanders, Drew Bledsoe, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Derrick Brooks and many, many more.

Needless to say, I think Mr. Shaw has a very good handle on NFL talent. And that makes his comments prior to the 2006 draft all the more poignant…

“I had Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tom Brady. All those guys trained with me, a whole group of great quarterbacks. I never say this about any athlete, because people are always saying ‘I’ve got the best guy, I’ve got the best guy,’ but Jay Cutler has the potential to be better than every one of those guys.”

β€œHe’s a great talent, he’s got a great arm, his hand will go around the ball like Tom Brady. He throws a great football whether it’s 4 degrees or 80 degrees. You can’t say that about Donovan or Peyton or Eli. When it’s windy, their ball flutters.”

“Jay Cutler, this kid has potential to be as good or better than all of them. He has all the tools. He runs fast. He’s the strongest quarterback I’ve ever worked with. He’s got the great attributes of all the good ones. He reads. He wants to learn about offenses and defenses. I don’t see anything negative abut Jay Cutler.”

– Tom Shaw, NFL Trainer

…I’ll let that sink in for a moment (feel free to re-read those quotes again)…

Let’s review — The very top NFL trainer in the country, who has worked with great QB’s like Peyton and Brady says that JAY CUTLER has the skills to be better than ALL of them… wow, that’s heavy.

And just think — Tom Shaw didn’t know Cutler was going to end up working for one of the best QB coaches in the league!

I think we can expect great things from our new ball-slinger this year… and for years to come.

Tom Shaw’s Website: HERE

Quotes available HERE





  1. I certainly hope this guy is right, but everyone said the same thing about Jeff George too.

  2. how do you find this stuff? i call myself a fanatic, but you set the pace! the thing that has impressed me about cutler is that he is dedicated. he’s been watching film since april, he has the right mind-frame (gunslinger, a la farve, or so people say), he has the physical tools, the smarts (you don’t have to tell him the same thing twice– not a quote, but paraphrasing the broncos’ staff); coming from vanderbilt, he’s hungry to win, and he has the attitude of a winner. i’m hesitant to put myself out there, but if anyone can fill elway’s shoes, it’s this guy. i was half-serious about the broncos winning the super bowl this year (and they can, if the stars align properly), but i definitely think that cutler is a winner and will be an elite qb for years to come.

  3. Actually you bring up a great point by mentioning Jeff George. I think he is the best example of a player with great ability but a rotten attitude. With his constant battles with players, coaches and even fans, he doomed his career.

    And I think that a ‘bad attitudes’ is still the biggest obstacle some of the most talented players in the NFL need to overcome.

    Now, with Jay… It seems he has a great attitude. He was willing to take his position behind Jake last year without complaint. He took control of the offense with class, and this off-season he’s done only more learning and listening. He seems to take advise from both players and coaches, while maintaining his own style. He’s stay out of the media (except for his charity work) and that speaks volumes about his maturity. IMO

    I don’t know that one off-season could ever be an accurate indication of how a player will develop throughout his career, but I like what I’ve seen so far!

    Anyway, thanks for comment — I don’t get to talk about Jeff George too often! πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Leon! I don’t know if I’m more fanatical, or just have too much time on my hands! lol

    On Jay, I think you’re right. As I mentioned in the reply to HR, Jay’s ‘mind-set’ (which sums up willingness to learn, positive attitude and general maturity) is the best thing I’ve seen in our young QB.

    I’ll let everyone else talk about his arm strength — I’m excited about his mind-set! πŸ™‚

  5. How do you get in touch with Tom Shaw? Any contact information?


  6. I would check out his website:


    Hope that helps!


  7. Good post.., brother

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