Four days til Training Camp!!!

July 23, 2007

I can hardly wait! Four days until we start to see what shape our team is in, what players will start at what positions and who will make the final roster. It’s all the drama of a major motion picture… except it’s real. And it’s FOOTBALL time!

It seems like even the Denver Post (which has seemed in hibernation the last few weeks) has a few articles about our upcoming camp. And like several of my fellow bloggers, I’ll be rattling off my top ten questions for training camp later this week. However, today, I just wanted to throw up some links to occupy your Monday morning.

Here are a few items for your viewing pleasure:

The Denver Post Articles — One on Jay Cutler’s Year #2, Their Training Camp preview and Their Top Ten Questions for Camp

ESPN posted a cool interview with Shanahan recently. There’s not much new info in it, but this exchange was GREAT:

Bensinger: “If you don’t win the Super Bowl, can the season still be successful?”

Shanahan: “No.”

Andrew Mason over at DenverBroncos.com has been previewing position (as has TSG over at Mile High Report). For this blog I’ve posted a breakdown by positions by my fellow internet blogger Dogfish. They can be found here: QBs & RBs, WRs & TEs, D-line, O-line, Secondary.

And I can’t leave out my fellow Bronco bloggers who have really made this offseason bearable. Orange Bucksnorts, Colorado Homers, BroncoTalk, Slushy Gutter Summer and The Beat. If you haven’t had a chance to click over and check them out — you should!

Finally, if you haven’t been a long-time reader (or haven’t browsed the archives), here are a few past posts that might interest you leading into Camp:

Jay Cutler’s High School Championship

D.J. Williams High School Dominance

An Off-Season Recap (Timeline)

What we learned at QB Camp

Team Camp Overview

My List of Unknown Broncos I’d Like to See Do Well

ESPN’s video on the lost of Darrent Williams & Damien Nash



  1. Loving your content lately… just “had to” mention that camp was still 6 days away since this post… we get a late start on camp because of league rules (Training Camp cannot begin until 15 days before your first preseason game… ours is a Monday night game against SF, so we don’t start on Friday like half the teams out there).

    Keep up the good work.

    Check out BroncoTalk.net

  2. Holy crap, your right!

    The team reports on Saturday and won’t start practicing until Sunday.

    Rats, two more days of waiting!

    Thanks for the correction! 🙂


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