Terrell Davis to join Elway in Ring of Fame

July 27, 2007

Terrell Davis SaluteTerrell Davis made the Mile High Salute famous. And on Sunday, Sept. 23rd Bronco Nation will get their chance to salute him when TD is officially inducted into the Ring of Fame at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

Prior to the 2002 regular season, and with much fanfare, Davis made his last appearance in a broncos uniform on Monday Night Football as the Broncos prepared to play a preseason game against the 49ers. Davis was announced as he walked through the tunnel with his teammates. The sold out crowd gave him a standing ovation and he gave them his final Mile-High Salute. After walking to midfield as the lone Bronco’s player at the cone toss, Davis returned to the sideline and the embraces of his fellow players.

That was the last time TD wore the orange & blue, but his memory has never faded. Fans across the country remember his powerful running style. We remember his indomitable will to win in Super Bowl XXXII. We remember his legendary 1998 season in which he rushed for over 2000 yards and the title of NFL MVP. But most importantly, we remember his team spirit and unselfish nature. If John Elway set the bar for competitiveness and drive, Terrell Davis set the standard for teamwork and lack of personal ego.

All that could be summed up in that one salute. A salute for Davis, symbolizing that a trip to the end zone was just part of his job — part of his duty to the team and the fans.

Terrell Davis may be the only player in NFL history to ever be awarded a Super Bowl MVP, a NFL MVP, rush for 2000 yards in one season and record seven consecutive postseason games of more than 100 yards each. But for fans nationwide, the thing he will always be remembered for is that beautifully simple salute.

Here’s to you TD — We salute you!

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I must mention this awesome post in Andrew Mason’s blog. Instead of writing anything new regarding this news, Andrew dusts off the article he wrote after that MNF game. It’s as powerful now as it was then and well worth the read: FULL POST



  1. Hey … thanks for the kind words on the piece. I have to admit — when I wrote it, I didn’t really feel I was the right person to do it, seeing as how I’d only been in Colorado for four weeks … looking back now, I feel much better about it. Keep up the good blogging!

    Andrew Mason

  2. I know I speak for every fan (especially us fans far from Denver) when I say, we all feel VERY lucky that YOU came to work for the Broncos four year ago! We have what I consider to be the best darn team site in the entire NFL, and that’s all you man. We love what you do!

    I look forward to seeing your coming coverage of camp. We’ll all be watching the denverbroncos site as well as your blog for those famous two-a-days! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by… and taking time to leave a comment!

    Jonathan Douglas

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