Daunte Culpepper is a Raider

August 1, 2007

So, Lane Kiffin just announced that, although the Raiders still don’t have their 2007 first round draft pick at camp, they have signed Daunte Culpepper to a one-year deal.

I don’t know if this is desperation on the part of Culpepper or the Raiders — or both.

Kiffin believes it gives his Raiders a bit of leverage with JaMarcus Russel (who is holding out of camp). Kiffin spoke to Russel last night about the signing.

“It’s always important for your team to know things, just as we informed both our quarterbacks last night that this was going to happen today [and] make sure they heard it from us and understood the reasons we were doing it”

— Lane Kiffin 7/31/07

I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the Chiefs trying to force LJ’s hand with Priest Holmes or Kiffin trying to scare JaMarcus with Culpepper.

Anyway, it’s ALL good news for Denver fans.  Either the Raiders get a beat up old QB with mobility issues, or they get a rookie that’s missing camp…  it’s a win-win for us!  🙂



  1. I was watching the Raiders practice on ESPN and I saw some dude yelling like a maniac. I was like “who the f*ck is that ballboy/equipment guy yelling like an idiot.” Turns out it was Kiffin.

    Bly and Champ gotta be licking their chops at playing Culpepper, Russel, and mini-coach twice a year.

  2. Everything keeps coming up Milhouse for the Broncos this season. San Diego looks worse with the addition of Norv Turner, KC and Oakland look really bad too.

    Nice Broncos Blog. I run an Avs blog, but the Broncos are my other sporting love… I’ll be stopping here often.

  3. lol! “mini-coach” <– damn, that’s funny!

    Yeah, at first I thought a new bad@ss coach (like Gruden) was just want we DIDN’t want coming to the Raiders. Of course, that was before the players began complained to the union about the hard practices. A team’s true color will eventually show through I guess — and with the Raiders, it’s often a color called piss-poor yellow.
    Thanks, Commish!

    Welcome, Jibblescribbits! Can’t say I’m much of a Hockey nut (my wife would kill me if I adopted another sports obsession). However, my boss is a crazy fan of the game… Heck, he rarely misses a Knoxville Ice Bears game! Glad you liked the blog — drop by anytime! 🙂

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