August 1, 2007


Day four and away we go!

If the biggest news yesterday was Domenik Hixon’s shoulder injury, the top story today should have been his return to the practice field.

However, Javon Walker broke his silence today and spoke to a throng of eager reporters after the morning practice. Much to their chagrin, he didn’t discuss the Jan. 1st death of Darrent Williams. But that didn’t stop every sports media outlet from leading with the story “Walker still silent on slain teammate” — way to respect the man’s emotional recovery dill weeds!

In ACTUAL football news, Ian Gold made it back into the line up and Domenik Hixon muscled through his shoulder pain to complete the morning practice. Brandon Marshall, however, sat out again. Shanahan noted that and made some pointed comments about the importance of beating the injury bug and getting out on the field.

“When guys get hurt, it really hurts their chances of making the team. For a guy like Domenik to come in after a first-degree shoulder separation is pretty impressive. He worked through it, and that is what you are hoping a guy is going to do.”

“A guy that keeps getting hurt, we can’t waste repetition on a guy that’s not out there. We have to have guys who can stay healthy.”

— Mike Shanahan 8/1/07

And if Shanahan wasn’t blunt enough, Ted Sundquist also commented on Brandon Marshall today.

“We’re counting on Brandon. We put a lot of time and effort into coaching him, getting him ready, but ultimately on a Mike Shanahan team you’ve got to go out on the field and perform”

— Ted Sundquist 8/1/07

Brandon Marshall needs to get his butt in gear, deal with a little pain and get out on that darn practice field — SOON.

Line Break


WR Marquay McDaniel was held out with a hamstring injury. Kenard Lang and Chad Mustard did not participate and Glenn Martinez was sidelined during the morning practice with a strained leg muscle.

Line Break


den-logo.jpg Wide Outs:
Walker and Brandon Stokley ran with the 1st Team.

den-logo.jpg Tight Ends:
No real change from the last few days.
den-logo.jpg Running Backs:
Again, no change. Travis Henry with Cecil Sapp running second. Mike Bell, Andre Hall and Young following behind.

den-logo.jpg O-line:
* 1st Team O-line was unchanged: LT Matt Lepsis, LG Ben Hamilton, C Tom Nalen, RG Chris Kuper and RT Erik Pears.

Line Break


den-logo.jpg D-line:
* 1st Team D-line stayed the same as the last couple of days: DE’s Ebenezer Ekuban and John Engelberger, DT’s Gerard Warren and Sam Adams, but Jimmy Kennedy replaced Adams for some reps this morning.

DIME PACKAGE NOTE: Unchanged from yesterday: Ekuban and Warren were the tackles with ends Jarvis Moss and Elvis Dumervil.

den-logo.jpg Linebackers:
* 1st Team LB’s were: Nate Webster took his turn at SAM today, D.J. Williams still impressing at MIKE and Ian Gold back at WILL.

den-logo.jpg Secondary:
No changes here as CB’s Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly and Safeties Nick Ferguson and John Lynch played on the 1st Team. Foxworth was their Nickel back and Cox joined the 1st Team during work on the Dime Package.

Line Break


den-logo.jpg Kick-Off Return Team:
Returners consisted of WR’s Quincy Morgan, David Kircus and Domenik Hixon each fielded some kicks during the afternoon session. Both Brandon Pace and Todd Sauerbrun got reps kicked off.



Line Break

We have reports from both Kaylore and SoCal from Orange Mane, so I’ll dive right into the highlights from those…


Travis Henry had another full day impressing our friend over at Orange Mane. Both of the guys said he looked strong, had good blasts of speed and was finding it easier to find the holes.

He’s become much better at anticipating what the line is going to do. Rather than just guessing, getting impatient or plowing into the back of his guard (as Tatum Bell would do), he understands where the defense is washing to and cutting back better. We haven’t had a cut-back guy like him in long time.”

— Kaylore 8/1/07

Sapp and Hall had solid days, but Mike Bell seemed to have an off practice. The real surprise of the day was the progress made by Selvin Young. He had been struggling through the first days of camp, but today he seemed to final be settling in.

Young looked much better today… He’s keeping his body more compact and showing better vision and burst through the line. I think he may have settled down and is starting to understand the system and what his role is in it”

— Kaylore 8/1/07

It seems that the guys on the 1st Team D-line all impressed SoCal and Kaylore today. Warren was distruptive (even in the passing game), but the ‘best D-lineman of the day’ goes to John Engelberger. In fact Shanahan mentioned Engelberger in his presser where he said John is an intelligent player and hard worker. He also mentioned that he earned his 1st Team status by playing well last season.

Of the rookies, Tim Crowder had the best day.

The 1st Team O-line seemed to do well (partly evidenced by Henry’s good day). Eric Pears had a decent day, Eslinger had a better session, but Meadows seemed to struggle again. Kuper seemed to put in a great day of work.

“Chris Kuper stoned DJ Williams on a blitz… Chris Kuper is also very good at getting out to the perimeter on screens… he is doing a nice job out there.”

— SoCal 8/1/07


“Javon Walker was the star of the day. In addition to catching two sweet go routes from Jay Cutler, he also caught a number of difficult receptions with defenders in the vicinity. In his post practice press conference, he really said he is feeling good (on the football field) and is very comfortable in the offense.”

— Kaylore 8/1/07

Not surprisingly, Walker had a great day. Brandon Stokley also had another strong day. He’s showing his trademark ability to adjust to the ball and make those tight catches in traffic. Hixon was matched up with Champ several times, so it’s not surprising that he turned in a mild day.

“Dan Graham’s highlight of the day was in move the ball drills when he caught a nice square out on the sideline that was a little bit high and in front. He still is not a major force in the passing game and has trouble separating. Webster was able to stick on him and swat away one pass in particular.”

— SoCal 8/1/07

All the QB’s had better showing today — which is to be expected as camp continues. The guys over at Orange Mane said that Jay didn’t look quite a good as Tuesday, but that he still look head and shoulders better than everyone else.

“He made some nice reads and does a much better job shifting around in the pocket during the much improved rush to buy time. I also like that he keeps his eyes down field.”

— Kaylore 8/1/07

Champ Bailey was Champ again today — no surprises there. Bly also look good, but Walker got by him on a couple deep balls. Paymah and Foxworth both had solid days. Kevin House is looking good as well.

“The coaching staff is really hi on this guy and praise from Slowik and Bates can be heard throughout practice. He is showing some progress and has better ball instincts that some of the other backups he plays with.”

— Kaylore 8/1/07

Besides our standard Safety stars, Steve Cargile looked good as did Curome Cox and Hamza Abdullah.

I thought Hamza Abdullah was really outstanding. He is quick to come down in run force and looks like he has a talent for safety blitzes as well.”

— Kaylore 8/1/07



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  2. Great site – really appreciate being able to get some first hand info. Being a Broncos tragic in Australia, it can be painfully hard to get accurate information that makes you feel “part of the action”
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, Darren!

    Just curious, but how many of the games do you get to see each year in Australia? And how do you watch them (satellite, cable, internet)?

    Jonathan Douglas

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