Notes from Dallas…

August 16, 2007

The Broncos will have a special visitor today at camp. Rosalind Williams (Darrent William’s mother) said she is planning on visiting the team during the practice. Mike Shanahan had invited her visit with the team and Rosalind accepted even though it may be very emotional for everyone involved. The last time the team was in Dallas (eight months ago) it was for Darrent’s funeral.

“It’s difficult to see them, difficult knowing they’re in town. But I feel good they’re near and they’re close. That makes me feel good. I’m going to visit them tomorrow. I don’t know what I’ll tell them. Just seeing them, them seeing me, being able to see each other and hug each other will speak volumes. There may or may not be words. Just seeing each other is going to be a lot of therapy. It will give us all strength.”

— Rosalind Williams 8/15/07

Line Break

Andrew Mason has been keeping us up todate the practices down in Dallas:

Texas DAY 1 Morning Practice Report & Texas DAY 1 Afternoon Practice Report

Texas DAY 2 Morning Practice Report & Texas Day 2 Afternoon Practice Report

Day 3 Wrap-up Report






  1. what a great scene. This type of thing just again illustrates why the Bronco organization- starting with Pat Bowlen- is one of the top in sports.

  2. I agree completely. It makes me proud to support them!

  3. man i look up to darrent williams

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