Good News for Bronco Fans!!!

August 22, 2007


In an effort to provide Bronco fans worldwide with the very best web-resource possible, MyDenverObsession.com and BroncoTalk.net are merging!

Kyle Montgomery has created a truly awesome website over at BroncoTalk.net. Most of you will be familiar with his site (as I have talked about it and linked to it lots of times). I am one of Kyle’s biggest fans and I think the work he’s doing is truly incredible.

This week, Kyle and I have agreed to join forces so that our readers can get BOTH of our posts with ONE feed!

To make this work, we will be migrating my posts at MyDenverObsession.com over to BroncoTalk.net. BroncoTalk.net is a well designed site with room to expand and grow, so this is a great move for both of us!

For my readers, this means that you will need to bookmarked and/or sign up for an RSS feed over at BroncoTalk.net. I understand that this may be a bit inconvenient, but in the end you’ll end up with an even better service.

As a personal note to all the friend, fans and family that have visited MDO, I want to thank you for your time and support. I started this blog as a way to chat about the Broncos and I’m just completely blown away that this little blog could generate over 10,000 hits over the last couple of months.

Thanks a million!


Jonathan Douglas




  1. Cool. I will see you over there

  2. ahh another corporate merger, pretty soon you both will be writing columns for Fox Sports and Rupert Murdoch 🙂 Congrats, I’ll make the switch and follow you over there.

  3. lol!

    I think I’ve taken too many shots at ‘mainstream-media-types’ to be invited over to their side anytime soon! 🙂

    Thanks, guys — I’ll see ya over at BroncoTalk!

    Jonathan Douglas

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